Open bugs and change requests

2008-May-27 User request for server-pushable max scale value against which histograms are plotted. To accompany this I will introduce a new client-side config option that allows the admin to respect/ignore a server-pushed value
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29 May, 2008

After being side-tracked on another project I finally got back onto AJ and have updated the website with documentation for the program. The track plugin APIs are lacking at the moment, as are the dynamic registries, but there should be enough to keep people going.

18 Apr, 2008

The media embargo period has now ended. Keep an eye out for Anno-J in the next edition of Cell! AJ went to Beta during the blackout period and the most recent round of improvements leads to a change in version to Beta 2.0. In the latest version the rendering engine has been completely redesigned, to eliminate as much DOM activity as possible. Although technically not a part of AJ directly, I've implemented extensive data optimization at SALK, leading to an improvement in speed by an order of magnitude. The latest verion of AJ is very snappy for an AJAX app. You can try the SALK implementation of AJ at our epigenomics site

27 Feb, 2008

Homepage modified to remove detailed information about configuring Anno-J, update information and replace old screenshots. A major bugfixing session is now in progress to prepare Anno-J for a formal shift to Beta status and public release

5 Dec, 2007

Anno-J version Alpha 2.11 has been released. Purely a bug fixing release. Resolves a couple of really annoying bugs such as not being able to drag the track when clicking in the toolbar area, multiple problems associated with lazy loading linked to vertical scrolling, and that 30 second timeout limit.